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All services are provided by a licensed electrician and are fully insured. Request a free quote today or contact 0425 226 313 now for any emergency services you require.

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New Home, Workplace or Renovations

Whether you’re located at a brand new premises or you’re renovating to ensure safety and electrical efficiency, PNE Electrical will develop professional wiring plans and install all required elements to ensure your property is compliant with all Australian safety standards.

Phone and Data Cables

Whether you need existing cabling maintained, new phone, data points or alternatively need a new setup installed PNE Electrical will discuss your needs and create a solution that will serve you not only right now, but for years to come. Professional maintenance and installation are essential to maintaining efficient business operations.

CCTV Installation

PNE Electrical provide reliable security systems and CCTV surveillance systems throughout Bankstown. With extensive experience and being licensed by the Australian Security Industry, PNE Electrical are the trusted name in home or workplace security.

Antenna Installation

A correctly installed antenna will provide consistently good reception. This task always requires a professional so to avoid any headaches be sure to call PNE Electrical.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans are an extremely affordable tool that will cool your home. A basic ceiling fan can cool a room a great deal, making it far more comfortable. Ceiling fans, when compared to Air Conditioning, use far less electricity which gives you benefit of both a lower cost and being better for the environment.


Develop wiring plans to meet all of you electrical needs for any construction. Factor in capacity, the need for convenient points, safety and absolutely everything else.

Efficiency Upgrades

With the price of electricity ever increasing, simple efficiency upgrades can return your investment many times over. Carefully selected products that are expertly installed will save you a great deal of money without effecting your convenience or comfort.

All electrical aspects including lighting, heating, cooking and entertainment are areas where you can save a great deal of money.

Electric Gates

When security and the image of your property is important you can’t go past automatic electric gates. PNE Electrical can install a new gate of your choosing or alternatively service and maintain your existing gate.

Emergency Lighting and Testing

A variety of businesses that service the public are required to have emergency lighting installed and maintained to ensure utmost safety. A fully licensed and insured electrician will ensure that your emergency lighting is in working order and up to the required safety standards.

Energy Audits

Energy audits from an expert electrician will let you know just how much power you’re using and in which areas it can be reduced. An energy audit can help reduce both your bills and carbon footprint. Some recommendations will pay back your investment in the form of savings very quickly whilst others can be implemented completely free of charge.

General and Off Peak Metering

PNE Electrical can deliver various solutions to monitor your electricity usage at both peak and off peak times. This basic metering service can ensure you’re receiving the best rates and operating at your most efficient levels.

General Light and Power

Whether renovating existing lighting and power setup or going with a new build, PNE Electrical have the experience to offer expert advice for your lighting and power needs. Complete fitout services include wiring plans and installations, which are of course performed by a licensed electrician and remain fully insured.

Hot Water

Quickly and efficiently fix any electric hot water issues. PNE Electrical can service and maintain your existing set up or alternatively install a new service as is required.

Mains Connection

Connect and disconnect your premises from electrical mains to ensure that your service meets all Australian safety requirements.

Plant Maintenance

Perform routine maintenance on equipment to ensure that everything is efficient and in sound working order. A qualified electrician will also trouble shoot all general electrical issues.

Programmed Maintenance

Develop a program to effectively maintain all electrical control and distribution systems over their serviceable life. This will add to the life of your electrical assets and save a great deal of money.

Rewires and Upgrades

Rewire your existing residential or commercial premises to ensure efficiency and safety. Perform necessary upgrades of any electrical framework to again ensure both efficiency and safety.

Safety Inspections

PNE Electrical will inspect your home or office for electrical faults or potential hazards and then advise you on the items concerned and the required action to ensure you’re compliant with Australian safety standards. Check lights and switches, power points/outlets, smoke alarms, switchboard and general wiring.

Safety Switches

If any of your electrical circuits are compromised electricity can leak through to unexpected places and in a best case cause damage while in worst case cause serious injury or death. PNE Electrical can install and check safety switches to provide protection.


A security system at home or your place of work will provide you with great peace of mind. As PNE Electrical are licensed by the Australian Security Industry you can expect a complete service that ranges from general consultation through to expert installation to ensure all your security needs are met.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are essential to the safety of any home or workplace. Testing and installation will safeguard your space and those within it. Regular maintenance will also ensure that dangerous false alarms aren’t likely and also that you have the best coverage.

Stoves and Cooktops

PNE Electrical will ensure that the installation of all appliances runs smoothly. From determining what will fit in your current space through to installation, PNE Electrical have the experience to make sure your kitchen is safe and in efficient working order.

Surge Protection

Surge protection will protect your expensive appliances from voltage spikes and counter down time, data loss or costly damage. Surge protection is critical to the risk management of your electrical service and can save you thousands of dollars.

Switchboard Upgrades and Replacements

Having your switchboard upgraded or installed can eliminate power outages, risk of electrical fire and electrocution. Any old switchboards are potentially wired in an unsafe manner by today’s standards and an upgrade will correct any issues. Replacing your existing switchboard can be done with minimal impact on your premises and provide safety and efficiency for years to come.

Temporary Power Supplies

On request PNE Electrical can request and arrange a temporary power supply when no permanent connection is available. The temporary supply will comply with all WorkSafe requirements and are typically used on new builds.

UV Damage Repairs

Expertly repair any UV damage and provide advice and services to ensure it’s not a reoccurring theme.

For any service not listed above please request a free quote.

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